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Strawberry Cream Birthday Cake

Delicious strawberry cream cake. If only the fresh strawberries used in the deco are sweet!


Pink Floral and Butterfly Cupcakes

A mix of rosettes and simple flowers.

Big and small butterflies, outlined or piped.

Happy Deepavali Cake

Sis’ gift to her friend.

A Doll Cake for a Big Girl

Not only little girls love doll cakes. Even big girls love them. This is for a 19-year old. A surprise gift from her sister who requested for a white, blue and yellow gown. Cake flavour is Mango mousse cake.

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Cake

A naughty cake for a cheeky lady.

Doll Cake for Little Ashley

Four-year old Ashley asked for a pink bustier with scallops, flowers and a bow.

Mini Cupcakes for a 2-year old’s birthday party

Mini cupcakes with 3 designs – the letter A, numeral 2 and a star,

A Doll Cake for little Shania

A barbie doll cake, this time in baby blue gown for a 6-year old.

Happy Children’s Day Cupcakes

Personalised cupcakes for 75 students from their teacher. 

Flowers and vines for the girls and dots and lines for the boys (I had forgotten to snap these).

Dinoco King Cake for Enoch and Enosh

A chocolate spomge cake with chocolate buttercream filling for 2 brothers who celebrate their birthdays together.