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Nina’s Rilakkuma Rainbow Cake

Nina turned 10 last Thursday. She’s a huge fan of Rilakkuma. If u don’t know it already, it is a Japanese bear and the name means “a relaxing bear”.

I was contemplating if i should make gumpaste or RKT Rilakkuma to place on the cake. RKT won as I decided to have a big Rilakkuma for impact. As usual, I always underestimate the size when dealing with RKT! N ended up with a huge bear ! And being greedy I decided to make the bear’s best friend, the yellow chick. Making the chick was so easy-peasy. N it looked so cute!

As for the cake, nina’s mummy settled on the rainbow sponge cake with buttercream. Who doesn’t like a rainbow cake? Any kid would.

When I delivered and showed Nina the deco, she was very happy. And that made me very happy.






Ombré pink rose swirls cake

A friend came across this cake on a blog and showed it to me. It was such a sweet Girly kind of cake that I can’t resist making. And who doesn’t love a pink cake????

I decided to bake one and gave it to a friend who was having an open house for Hari raya. I thought it would make a lovely centrepiece on her dining table alongside durian cakes and macarons that she had ordered.

I used Swiss meringue buttercream and a vanilla cake. It was surprisingly very easy to do the swirls! No dropping of any at the sides. But next time I will make sure I pipe them closer to avoid having “holes” in between the roses.




Birthday gifts

Just simple cake and cupcakes for birthdays.



Cupcakes for Teachers’ Day

Bees, butterflies n flowers were the theme chosen for this year’s teachers day cupcakes.


Besides cupcakes from students to teachers or teachers to colleagues, I also made cupcakes for a trainee teacher to her students.