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Hana’s Little Mermaid Cake

Little mermaid is 3-yr old Hana’s favourite cartoon. And her favourite cake is cookies n cream ice-cream cake.



Aidil Adha orders

Another festivity that kept me busy. Orders for pineapple tarts, lapis cakes and chocolate cake.




Kawaii Swiss Roll

I came across books on this latest Japanese Swiss rolls that are “painted” with cute cartoons. And also read about them on blogs and I was curious to try them out.

Since Aidil Adha was around the corner, I had an idea of drawing sheep and mosque. All in all, the “paintings” turned out okay but there were some learning points. Firstly, to grease the parchment paper before “painting” the picture. And secondly to use a fine brush for the outline. For a first try, I was happy with the result.


Ice-cream cakes

A friend ordered 2 ice-cream cakes to celebrate birthdays of her mum, brothers, SIL, niece and nephew. Flavours chosen were chocolate and cookies n cream. I used valrhona couvertures for the chocolate ice-cream and it made a huge difference to the taste.


And I made pavlova for them.