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Ihsan’s Upin and Ipin birthday cake

Two-year old Ihsan celebrated his birthday with a Upin and Ipin ice-cream cake. I have no idea about this cartoon but apparently it is an extremely popular show among kids. A printed icing on the ice-cream cake.
And also a tray of mango jelly cheesecake that got the thumbs up from his family.




Late night desserts

My first time having white choc creme brûlée a few weeks ago and I thot it tasted good. And since we had 2 shallow ramekins from the takeaways, I decided to try baking it at home. I always thought creme brûlée is eggy but it actually isn’t so. Found some recipes online and I chose one with least number of eggs. Pretty easy to do, no fuss and all was done within d hour. And wow! Did it taste good? U break through the hard crunchy caramel and dig into the silky smooth custard. Absolutely yummy. And the vanilla beans gave it a fragrant aroma.

Next on the list was chocolate soufflé. Had once before at bakerzin and it was chocolatey and melt in your mouth. Searched through the web and found Gordon ramsey’s recipe. He described it as sexy and beautiful so I couldn’t resist giving it a try. I guess seeing the soufflé rose hi up above the ramekin was kind of sexy. I was all excited to see it climbing taller and taller. Taste wise? Definitely good cos I used varlhona dark choc.


What’s after soufflé u think? It’s caramel pudding, my all time favourite. Silky smooth pudding with sweet caramel at the base. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of my pudding!

Rayyan’s Thomas the tank cake

Thomas the tank must be the favourite of every 3-year old boy. I, too love making Thomas cake topper. This time I used gumpaste, fondant and some styrofoam to get the shape and the lightness. Took me a couple of hours till I was satisfied with it.
The cake is the chocolate devil cake with whipped ganache filling. It’s all Varlhona chocolate, the best there is.


It’s Thomas the tank crossing some grassland.

Rose swirls birthday cake

I was asked to make a cake for a 55-yr old lady. Her niece who placed the order wanted the cake in two colours – purple and turquoise to match the saree she’ll be wearing for the occasion. So thinking about the design, I decided to do rose swirls in these colours. The cake itself is alternating purple and turquoise sponge layers with fresh cream.


Cupcakes with a message

A customer wanted to thank her colleagues with gifts of cupcakes. It was a long message so I printed them and use coloured wires to hold them.


20130407-224945.jpgI made 7 different flavours – fruit and nuts, Nutella, lychee, red velvet, choc banana, lemon and apple cinnamon with 3 different frostings – buttercream, choc whipped ganache, cream cheese frosting.

Minecraft birthday cake and cupcakes

Customer wanted to surprise her girl with her favourite computer game – minecraft characters.
Cupcakes for her classmates and a cake for the celebration with the family. She gave me hand-drawn pictures of the characters to copy. I have no idea what these characters are.





Girl cookies in uniform

Cookies for birthday girl’s classmates. Cookies decorated with school uniform.



A buttery, flaky bread roll sometimes shaped as crescents – that’s croissant. It is a yeast-leavened dough that you fold many times to get the flaky layers when baked.
I love home made croissants cos dey are crispy on the outside and soft and buttery in the layers. It’s very hard to get good croissants in bakeries.
I bought the butter sheet from Phoon Huat and was amazed at the price. It was only $5 per 1 kg sheet! I remembered buying at $12 per sheet before!
Croissant dough must be kept cold at all times, so I had to do the rolling in an air-cond room. I find the rolling of dough very therapeutic and that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy making croissants.
A book fold and single fold, lots of rest in between folds and the dough is ready to be cut and rolled into little croissants.


And a 2-hour proofing, and you get fat and wiggly croissant dough.


Next step is to egg wash them and bake in the oven.

Voila! Nicely browned croissants, light and fluffy.

20130404-215456.jpginteresting shapes I got there!
And the cross-section?

20130404-215551.jpgSee the layers? And the honeycombed structure. Could be better but I’m extremely happy with my croissants.

Mini durian puffs and eclairs

My favourite pastry has to be choux pastry. It’s light, airy and versatile. U can fill them with custard, durian, chocolate and they taste so good.

20130401-224827.jpgA tray of piped eclair dough all ready to be bak

20130401-224914.jpgmini puffs ballooning in the oven.


20130401-225014.jpgMini puffs and eclair shells ready to be filled.


20130401-225118.jpgPuffs and eclairs ready to be served.
And if u piped and fried choux pastry, u will get churros. A yummy treat!


Rose swirls Red Velvet Birthday Cake

For a group of family members born in February, a simple red velvet rose swirls cake.


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