Late night desserts

My first time having white choc creme brûlée a few weeks ago and I thot it tasted good. And since we had 2 shallow ramekins from the takeaways, I decided to try baking it at home. I always thought creme brûlée is eggy but it actually isn’t so. Found some recipes online and I chose one with least number of eggs. Pretty easy to do, no fuss and all was done within d hour. And wow! Did it taste good? U break through the hard crunchy caramel and dig into the silky smooth custard. Absolutely yummy. And the vanilla beans gave it a fragrant aroma.

Next on the list was chocolate soufflé. Had once before at bakerzin and it was chocolatey and melt in your mouth. Searched through the web and found Gordon ramsey’s recipe. He described it as sexy and beautiful so I couldn’t resist giving it a try. I guess seeing the soufflé rose hi up above the ramekin was kind of sexy. I was all excited to see it climbing taller and taller. Taste wise? Definitely good cos I used varlhona dark choc.


What’s after soufflé u think? It’s caramel pudding, my all time favourite. Silky smooth pudding with sweet caramel at the base. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of my pudding!


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