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Fondant Deco cakes

Cakes decorated with fondant cut outs. Simple technique but gives you nice effect.
An angry bird theme for a girl’s bday and tulips for another.





More photo cakes

Photos of your favourite idol or of yourself can be printed on edible paper icing and placed on the cake.





Mini LV and Adidas bags cakes

A customer wanted to give her friends mini bag cakes. LV for the ladies and Adidas for the guys. The bags measure about 2″ squares. As it was a last minute order, I did not have the time to draw out the LV monograms all over the bags. Had to keep them simple cos of time constraint.

Did manage to do a full design on one cake though.


Wedding anniversary cake

Anniversary cake for a couple. 47 years together. A printed icing on chocolate cake with hearts deco.


Spider-Man themed birthday

This is the third year I was asked to make a birthday cake for little zaiyan. First one was a transformer, then an iron man and for his 5th birthday he wanted a Spider-Man cake. Accompanying the cake are cookies for his friends and brothers, cake pops and macarons. I tried to stick to Spider-Man colours of blue and white for the macaron and cake pops.


20130705-002141.jpgThe 2-tier cake with Spider-Man’s mask on top and the city skyline on the bottom.

20130705-002255.jpgThe cute cookies

20130705-002347.jpgThe cake pops.

Rose swirls cake for hantaran

Elegant light blue rosé swirls on a chocolate cake.


Brownies enrolment cupcakes

Something new I learnt – before u became a brownie, u are a tweenie first. These cupcakes are for the enrolment of tweenies to brownies in a primary school.


Agent Oso 3D cake

Agent Oso apparently goes to space but he has no idea how to draw a circle! That must be why he’s popular with the kids. Before this order, I have not heard of this agent.

I initially made a taller cake but the moist chocolate cake was not firm enough and it collapsed. Sigh! End result was a shorter agent but just as cute.