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Phone and globe cake for a 21st birthday

A last minute order for a guy turning 21. His mum was not sure what design he will like. After asking her for his hobbies or anything important he’s doing now, the mum recalled his current undergrad project to develop an app for halal food round the world. So that’s how the android phone and a globe cake was created!
Making the phone was easy but getting a sphere was challenging.



Minion party

Sis had a minion party for her students on children’s day. She teaches 4 classes so some get the pops, some the cookies, cupcakes and her form class the minion cakes.




The kids had a great time and requested for another cake for year end.

A cake for 3 friends

It was our annual get-together and this time it was in KL. I made a chocolate cake covered with fondant in 3 coloured stripes as any cream cakes will not survive the flight. So this cake travelled for 8 hours before it reached our destination. And amazingly it held well! The 3 figurines represent us, the 3 who have been frens since we were in p1.


Football club cakes

Birthday cakes for boys are easy. Football clubs. It’s always either Man Utd or Liverpool and sometimes perhaps Chelsea.