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Minions mania

Minions, the cylindrical little creatures with one or 2 eyes are the craze now. I had several orders for cakes and cupcakes. Making gumpaste minions is pretty easy! And they look so cute!







Agent Oso 3D cake

Agent Oso apparently goes to space but he has no idea how to draw a circle! That must be why he’s popular with the kids. Before this order, I have not heard of this agent.

I initially made a taller cake but the moist chocolate cake was not firm enough and it collapsed. Sigh! End result was a shorter agent but just as cute.


Birthday cake of a girl in hijab

A surprise birthday cake for a friend, designed as a girl in purple hijab, wearing shades.

Cake is a tiara mousse cake, a dark and white choc mousse sandwiched with choc sponge cakes.


Lucas Angry Birds and Robocar Poli birthday cakes

Four-year old Lucas had two cakes for his birthday – angry birds to share with his classmates and robocar poli with his family.

Angry birds were a breeze to make as I’ve made them many times before but it was my first time with robocar. Had no idea what cartoon show they are from but must admit they are pretty cute and appealing to the kids. I used RKT for the robocar deco.




Rainbow cake for a kinky friend

A group of ladies wanted to surprise their friend with a rainbow cake for her birthday. They wanted to tease her with a cartoon design of a bra strap slipping off her shoulder cos of an incident that happened to her before.

20130503-225316.jpgColours of the rainbow.


20130503-225439.jpgI was told birthday girl screamed at the sight of the cake and had a good laugh!

Ihsan’s Upin and Ipin birthday cake

Two-year old Ihsan celebrated his birthday with a Upin and Ipin ice-cream cake. I have no idea about this cartoon but apparently it is an extremely popular show among kids. A printed icing on the ice-cream cake.
And also a tray of mango jelly cheesecake that got the thumbs up from his family.



Rayyan’s Thomas the tank cake

Thomas the tank must be the favourite of every 3-year old boy. I, too love making Thomas cake topper. This time I used gumpaste, fondant and some styrofoam to get the shape and the lightness. Took me a couple of hours till I was satisfied with it.
The cake is the chocolate devil cake with whipped ganache filling. It’s all Varlhona chocolate, the best there is.


It’s Thomas the tank crossing some grassland.

Minecraft birthday cake and cupcakes

Customer wanted to surprise her girl with her favourite computer game – minecraft characters.
Cupcakes for her classmates and a cake for the celebration with the family. She gave me hand-drawn pictures of the characters to copy. I have no idea what these characters are.





Maryam’s Hello Kitty birthday cake and cupcakes

The order was for any design with hello kitty’s face and I made a cake shaped of the face. And also accompanying cupcskes




WinX Birthday Cake

Birthday girl did not favour the printed icing pic of WinX and wanted a hand-drawn one. With all six characters on the cake. Phew! So many colours to mix and fill


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