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Wedding anniversary cake

Anniversary cake for a couple. 47 years together. A printed icing on chocolate cake with hearts deco.



Spider-Man themed birthday

This is the third year I was asked to make a birthday cake for little zaiyan. First one was a transformer, then an iron man and for his 5th birthday he wanted a Spider-Man cake. Accompanying the cake are cookies for his friends and brothers, cake pops and macarons. I tried to stick to Spider-Man colours of blue and white for the macaron and cake pops.


20130705-002141.jpgThe 2-tier cake with Spider-Man’s mask on top and the city skyline on the bottom.

20130705-002255.jpgThe cute cookies

20130705-002347.jpgThe cake pops.

Cupcakes for a launch of a centre

Cupcakes for an event of a launch of a tuition centre. I printed the logos, laminated them, tied ribbons and inserted into the cupcakes.

Cupcakes were frosted with IMBC, piped as hydrangeas. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get the actual blue/violet colours. However, I loved the petal-like effects of the nozzle. And the dual colours of the frosting.




My niece baby shower

Two weeks ago was my niece’s baby shower. We had planned it to be a pink and white affair. The hall was decorated with pink and white balloons, streamers and her blown up photos.

I took care of the dessert bar and the door gifts. I came across this candy pink-striped box at a baking shop in KL and found it appropriate for the door gifts. There were matching pink cupcake cases with pic of princess on it. How apt!

For the cupcakes, I made bootie figurines, bodysuit fondant pieces and sleeping baby figurines for toppers. Besides cupcakes, each guest got to bring home a pink n white baby themed cookie.




For the dessert bar, I baked eclairs which I sprinkled pink sprinklers, lemon meringue tarts with pink pearls and pink and white macaron. For the centrepiece, I made a pink cake with a pink stroller amidst the rose swirls with 6 cupcakes if sleeping babies.



Cupcakes for Teachers’ Day

Bees, butterflies n flowers were the theme chosen for this year’s teachers day cupcakes.


Besides cupcakes from students to teachers or teachers to colleagues, I also made cupcakes for a trainee teacher to her students.



X’mas Cookies for Sale

We are selling these cookies for X’mas.

Come in 2 flavours – vanilla and chocolate.

Individual Cookie

We also have Santa Claus and X’mas tree cookies.

Individually sealed in plastic wrapper to ensure it’s fresh n stays crisp.

Each is $1.50.








Box of X’mas Cookies

A box with 7 x’mas cookies – gingerbread boy, santa, rudolf the reindeer, star, gift and x’mas tree.

You can choose to have all in vanilla or chocolate, or a mix of the 2 flavours.

Each box is $9.90.

Email us at if you have any query or would like to place your orders.

Wedding Cake






















For the gift exchange for the solemnisation ceremony.

Christmas Cupcakes and Logcakes

Christmas is just around the corner and we have our own x’mas collection of cupcakes and logcakes. 



We have 8 designs for you to choose from. 

And we can pack them in our specially-designed boxes. 




And our logcakes :


Soft chocolate sponge cake with a filling of white chocolate and strawberry jam and roasted walnut. Coated with chocolate ganache. 


Soft chocolate sponge cake filled with fresh vanilla cream and blueberry. Coated with chocolate. 

Each logcake is $35.

Mini Wedding Cakes

Mini wedding cakes. Ideal as wedding favours too.


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