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Geena’s Hawaiian-Themed 21st Birthday Cake









Fishes, starfish and aquatic plants in the sea.









Orchids on land.


25th Ann Cupcakes

cakes 115














cakes 117
















A garden of pink n blue flowers.

Ashley’s Doll Cake

cakes 111

Sanjiv’s Ben10 Omnitrix Birthday Cake

cakes 109





cakes 108

Colourful Floral Cupcakes for Deepavali

cakes 102









cakes 103











cakes 104












cakes 105











cakes 106

Personalised Floral Cupcakes

cakes 100










cakes 099









For an office party.

Thank You Floral Cupcakes

cakes 096










cakes 097

Floral Cake

cakes 093

A Dream-list Birthday Cake









A birthday cake showing the birthday girl’s wish list.

Raeann’s Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes

cakes 091













Oreo Cupcakes.