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Another minion cake

I was so excited to get another minion order. And this time it was a 3D one.



Batmobile birthday cake

I luv making 3D cakes cos they are challenging but satisfying when you get them done well. Choosing a good firm cake is most important as you have to sculpt the cake to get the shape. Anything that’s not firm will crumble and even collapse.
Pictures of the cake from different views. Oh and I made a gumpaste of catwoman, supposed to look sexy but hmmm it looks kind of scary.




Agent Oso 3D cake

Agent Oso apparently goes to space but he has no idea how to draw a circle! That must be why he’s popular with the kids. Before this order, I have not heard of this agent.

I initially made a taller cake but the moist chocolate cake was not firm enough and it collapsed. Sigh! End result was a shorter agent but just as cute.


Engagement Cakes n Cupcakes

I was asked to make a few cakes and cupcakes as hantaran (exchange) and door gifts. As the guy works in the shipping industry, his fiancée wanted a container ship cake. I was very excited to get a chance to make a ship for her and googled for some ideas. This was what I finally made.


20121023-000325.jpgI like that there’s a motion to the boat, swerving to the right!

And along the boat cake are 9 cupcakes on the same theme.

The girl also wanted a pink ombré rose swirl cake to be given to her fiancé.

And for the guests, colourful cupcakes as door gifts.


Nina’s Rilakkuma Rainbow Cake

Nina turned 10 last Thursday. She’s a huge fan of Rilakkuma. If u don’t know it already, it is a Japanese bear and the name means “a relaxing bear”.

I was contemplating if i should make gumpaste or RKT Rilakkuma to place on the cake. RKT won as I decided to have a big Rilakkuma for impact. As usual, I always underestimate the size when dealing with RKT! N ended up with a huge bear ! And being greedy I decided to make the bear’s best friend, the yellow chick. Making the chick was so easy-peasy. N it looked so cute!

As for the cake, nina’s mummy settled on the rainbow sponge cake with buttercream. Who doesn’t like a rainbow cake? Any kid would.

When I delivered and showed Nina the deco, she was very happy. And that made me very happy.





Esen’s Tom n Jerry Cake



Nuryn’s Castle Cake

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake and Cupcakes






















A Box of Chocolates Birthday Cake

Arman’s McLarens Car Birthday Cake

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